Back to School with Vinyl

The school season is coming up in weeks and the college and high school kids are out buying up vinyl records by the dozens. Trending in sales is the 80’s music for most young adults. While older post grad and grad students are flocking to the British Invasion bands. Pricing of records this past summer have seemed to climb on the used market as demand increases again for the third year in a row. Many record stores are now selling LPs at $2 and above removing the ‘famous dollar bins’ from the store floor plans.
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Many retail stores say that the back to school sales gets them back on track for yearly sales. Discretionary spending for young adults has increased with the increase of credit card use and jobs acquired by them over the summer. Pre-order sales for limited edition records and imports are racking up the sales across the USA.

College dorms again are getting filled up with turntables, min-frigs and lots of vinyl records. So flip it over and listen to both sides!

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