How was the Sunday, Jan 12, 2014 in Enfield. CT ?

A special thanks to Eric Martin who spent time with all the people at the show. His tales of the road were interesting. We wish the best to him on his solo tour and the future of more MR BIG.

Next a big round of applause to all the vendors who made the show possible. Vendors traveled in from all parts of CT, RI, NY and MA. Finally, the fans and attendees that had come and support this event. We hope you enjoyed the experience and we return to the next Music Expo on Sunday, March 16, 2014.

record dvd cd buyers ct
Buyers looking at John's LPs in crates with Greg in background helping DVD buyer.
ct record show
Middle of room with buyers about.
eric martin with fan
Eric Martin in middle of a discussion with fan. Mike in foreground selling an LP.

Photos we taking during slow points in the morning and in the afternoon. Ask any of the dealers that attended how they liked the show.
See you at the next show!

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