Dealer Terms & Conditions

All vendors are responsible for all load in and out of own inventory. Most locations have carts however at times access to them can be limited as guests maybe using them during those times. Space is sold to one dealer or company and may NOT be shared, sublet or resold unless prior written permission has been given. Once a space is book and paid it is yours and will not be refunded. Vendors are responsible for any and all taxes including state, county and/or federal - collecting and paying to the proper dept.

Vendors to be at tables to sell and manage own table(s). Most all venues allow lunch bags or take out/delivery during the show. We will post in advance if a venue has restrictions on food and beverages. At no time shall any vendor bring in all type of alcohol into any venue. Smoking must be done according to venues regulations. Any vendor swearing, fighting or doing any other unwanted behaviors will be either asked to leave the show or be blocked from any and all future shows. Shows are promoted as all ages / a fun family event.

Shows run 10am to 4pm/3pm and we do ask that you stay til at least 2pm. The later you can stay the better as we do see people come in to shop all the way until the end of show hours.

Lets all have fun at the shows. Any questions or concerns please ask.