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What is the value of my vinyl record?

This question is asked by thousands each day as they sort through there own collection of vinyl records. Is there a gem in the box? Could I have that $10,000 LP and not know it?

Not only do you need the right record to hit a jackpot but the condition of the record and jacket must be in excellent shape. Added factors can be original printed inner sleeve and any inserts or posters that originally came with it.

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Pricing vinyl records

The demand for vinyl records have come back in the last three to four years. This now has pushed pricing of LPs up. Sounds like the stock market but it's not that bad. Popular bands that have quicker sales as mass amounts of listeners seek the albums. Underground, indie and unknown bands can be rare finds and many have low quantities of records pressed. These can be highly valuable.

An example is the LP shown at the top left corner - THE WHO Magic Bus. This 1968 album was released in multiple countries. A 1968 US release is around $20-25 in value. A picture disc of this album was released in 2006 and have a value of $60-75 as it was issued in Germany.

When shopping on line or in person keep in mind that the price can change by location, state. You can also note that condition from record to record can make a $50 in excellent be only worth $8 in G/VG-

Vinyl record shows commonly have great deals as tables are filled with collector's extras, radio stations past plays and stores over flow of inventory. Flip through the boxes and find your next record(s).

We will be adding a vinyl record list for top search LPs in 2016 so please bookmark this page as a future resource. Thank You